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As issues come up we will be sending you information on issues  that will affect you.  If you have an article or information you think might be useful to IHA members please send them to the IHA office at and we will forward in our weekly updates.

The information contained in this message is for your information and some items may not be of interest to you.  Please give us your input on how we can improve.  This is a membership service for IHA members. 


Golf Tournament!

Don’t forget our annual golf tournament planned for October 12 at Shadow Valley Golf Course. Golf will follow our annual meeting to be held in their newly remodeled clubhouse. A flyer is attached for more information or all the IHA office at 947-8094. We have several special guests coming to the meeting including Anthony Polidori from the Department of Finance to talk about the new SAFE Act issues you need to be aware of if you are selling homes (including out of your community) and Representative Brent Crane.This is our opportunity to ask questions and be heard. 

Bring non-members to the meeting for these important presentations and to the tournament for some great networking and fun! This is an excellent opportunity to introduce them to the many services IHA has to offer!

Anti-Money Laundering Rules
A recording of the July 23rd MHI Webinar that discussed the new Anti-Money Laundering Rules is posted on the MHI website at MHI has also included  an "Anti-Money Laundering Program Template" and other resources that may be helpful in understanding this new law. The Webinar recording can be found at the  bottom of the list of resources.

Retailers, Developers, Community Owners, Lenders and others involved in financing manufactured homes may want to listen to the Webinar and review the printed materials to learn whether your are subject to the new FinCEN rules, and how to comply.

How Many are in Compliance with AML?
Reprinted from Manufactured Housing Chattel Finance

No one has an exact count, but since there are only three ways to achieve even partial compliance, there are some numbers available from which to make an educated guess. If those numbers are any indication, the IRS is going to have a field day with the manufactured housing industry over the next several years. Despite the best efforts of MHI, who offered a partial solution for free and despite the joint efforts of RainMaker Consulting and Rishel Consulting Group, the ugly truth is that only about 10% of those who should have gotten compliant, have done so. Certainly the black eyes we will get when newspaper headlines scream about people getting arrested and convicted as coconspirators in money laundering won’t help, nor will the loss of retailers and community owners whose businesses melt away from the fines and penalties. The only “real winners” in all of this will be the IRS and the consumer advocates who will use this as an example of evil business leaders to our children and grandchildren. There may also be an economic benefit to the retailers and community owners who did get compliant as they will have far less competition as the IRS takes its toll. That, however, is as it should be. They made a smart business decision that others did not. They deserve to prosper. The real hope is that those that stubbornly resisted getting compliant may change their mind before it is too late.


Key Senate Banking Leader Unveils Manufactured Housing Relief Legislation
MHI Praises Measure to Preserve Access to Affordable Manufactured Housing

Washington, D.C., August, 2012 —Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs’ Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, formally introduced legislation (S. 3484) to reduce regulatory burdens impeding access to affordable manufactured housing financing.

The bill (titled the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act) is a companion measure to the bipartisan bill (H.R. 3849) that was introduced in the House of Representatives in February 2012 by Reps. Stephen Fincher (R-TN), Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Gary Miller (R-CA), all of whom serve on the House Financial Services Committee.

Similar to the House bill, the Senate measure addresses two significant issues impacting the manufactured housing industry’s ability to provide affordable financing options to low- and moderate-income families seeking to purchase manufactured homes:

  • Reducing the threshold by which small balance manufactured home personal property loans are considered High-Cost Mortgage Loans under provisions within in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (P.L. 111-203) and thereby subject to punitive and onerous liabilities.
  • Clarifying that those selling manufactured homes—who are not fundamentally engaged in the business mortgage origination—are not to be considered mortgage originators under the federal SAFE Act and thereby better able to provide adequate technical assistance to consumers throughout the manufactured home buying process—similar to the SAFE Act treatment of real estate brokers.

Upon introduction of the bill, MHI Chairman and Cavco Industries Chairman and CEO Joe Stegmayer stated “we are truly grateful for Chairman Brown’s leadership and commitment to ensure financing for the 21 million Americans currently living in nearly 8.7 million manufactured homes across the country remains accessible. The legislation is an essential step in preserving the affordability advantage of manufactured housing and protecting the equity millions of manufactured home residents have built in their homes.”

MHI Treasurer, and Government Relations Committee Chairman, Nathan Smith added that introduction of the Senate bill “is true bipartisan recognition of the important role manufactured homes play in providing safe, reliable and sustainable housing to Americans across all income classes.  Ensuring financing options remain readily available to manufactured homebuyers is the first step in preserving manufactured housing as a viable housing option.”

MHI will continue to work on a bipartisan basis to educate Members of Congress and develop solutions to the financing crisis within the manufactured housing market.  A copy of the legislation is attached to this email. For more information contact MHI Vice President of Government Affairs Jason Boehlert at 703.558.0660 or


Register Today for the 2012 MHI Annual Meeting
Early-Bird Registration and Discounted Room Rate at the Hotel Contessa Expires – September 7th
Please join us for the 2012 MHI Annual Meeting October 7-9 in San Antonio, Texas. Click here for more information and to register.
MHI has been working hard to amend the Dodd-Frank and SAFE Acts. These laws threaten to limit the ability of consumers to obtain mortgage financing for manufactured homes and the ability of manufactured home retailers and sellers to provide home-buyers with adequate information to make an informed purchase decision or provide basic information about available lending options. Significant progress on this MHI priority has been made with the introduction of the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, (S. 3484 and H.R. 3849), in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.
Many MHI members have been working diligently with the MHI staff to achieve this significant step towards resolving the negative results of the Dodd-Frank and SAFE Acts. In addition, MHI has increased its efforts in working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as they draft regulations to implement the Dodd-Frank and SAFE Acts. Multiple visits to Washington, D.C. have been made by several MHI members to visit with the House, Senate and CFPB on these issues.
At the Annual Meeting we will continue to work on MHI’s priorities that include strategy to pass S. 3484 and H.R. 3849, CFPB regulatory implementation of Dodd-Frank and SAFE Acts; GSE reform and the government’s role in housing; and energy issues. It will take the collective experience and ideas from all of MHI’s members to achieve the success needed on these very important issues. Your involvement in the association and active participation in working to achieve its goals are essential to the industry’s future.
The MHI Annual meeting is the largest member meeting of the year for all sectors of the industry and provides excellent opportunities for networking and idea sharing. This year’s highlights will include discussions of the initiatives and issues above, as well as feature speakers on Monday and Tuesday mornings who will provide information on the upcoming elections in November and health care reform issues that will impact businesses in our industry.
At the Annual Meeting, special awards will be presented to those individuals that have gone above and beyond for the industry during the last year. The prestigious MHI Chairman’s award, State Association Executive of the Year Award, Frank Walter Standards Award, and Jim Moore Excellence in Communications Award will be presented during Monday evening’s Annual Awards Dinner.
Don’t miss this chance to reconnect, network and build lasting relationships with fellow attendees. The industry needs your participation and input. Together we can succeed in increasing manufactured housing’s share of the housing marketplace.
Please contact Cheryl Langley at 703-558-0668 or for meeting information and sponsorship opportunities. Click here for a list of sponsorship opportunities.
MHI thanks the following members for their generous sponsorship of MHI’s Annual Meeting:
Gold Sponsors
Cavco Industries, Inc.
Hart, King & Coldren
Style Crest, Inc.
Triad Financial Services, Inc.
Silver Sponsors
Assurant Specialty Property
CU Factory Built Lending
Manufactured Housing Insurance Services
McGlinchey Stafford PLLC
T.R. Arnold & Associates
U.S. Bank
Make your plans today to attend MHI’s 2012 Annual Meeting!

We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

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The National Modular Housing Council’s actual shipments report indicates that 3,509 new modular homes were shipped in the second quarter of 2012, up 5.6 percent from the same quarter in 2011. Relative to Q2 2011, state shipment results for the second quarter of 2012 showed increases for 12 states, reductions in 12 states and 10 states with no significant change (defined as less than or equal to ±5 shipments).
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