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March 1, 2012

As issues come up we will be sending you information on issues  that will affect you.  If you have an article or information you think might be useful to IHA members please send them to the IHA office at and we will forward in our weekly updates.

The information contained in this message is for your information and some items may not be of interest to you.  Please give us your input on how we can improve.  This is a membership service for IHA members. 


ITD News
Recently we have been working with the ITD staff on a few issues affecting transportation of manufactured housing.  These two issues have include:

            Transportation of Park Models – IHA was able to successfully negotiate a temporary exemption on the transportation of park models.  The Exemption will allow for the movement of multiple park models on a single chassis not to exceed 80 feet in length.  The exemption is for one year to allow ITD a chance to observe how it is working.  They are particularly concerned about the safety issues involved.  If you plan a trip involving this situation, please let the IHA office know a few days in advance as ITD would like to observe.  This will be important in making the exemption a permanent one.

            Road Restrictions – The IHA office has been recently added to an email chain for notification on road restrictions.  We are willing to forward these notices to you if you are interested in receiving them.   Please contact the IHA office if you are interested in being on that email chain.

            IHA staff recently met with Reymundo Rodriquez, Regina Phipps and Alan Frew of the ITD Commercial Vehicle Services Department to reestablish the close working relationship we had with them under Gub Mix   The meeting went well and the ITD staff encouraged us to bring them issues as they arise so they can be immediately addressed, possibly before it goes to a more formal process.   The IHA Board encourages you to share any issues with us you would like to run past ITD and we will work towards a resolution.

IHA Offers Marketing Opportunities
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MHI News

4,650 New HUD Code Homes Shipped in
April 2012 – Up 17.6 Percent from April 2011

MHI’s Monthly Economic Report© for April 2012 is now available.
In the month of April 2012, 4,650 new manufactured homes were shipped, up 17.6 percent from April 2011. Increases were across the board with shipments of both single-section and multisection homes up compared with the same month last year. As with the first three months of 2012, single section homes accounted for the largest portion of the increase, with shipments up 23.4 percent compared with the April 2011 figure.
Compared with the prior year, 2012 has recorded shipment increases every month so far. For the first four months of this year, shipments totaled 17,430 homes compared with 13,650 homes in 2011, a net increase of 27.7 percent.
The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of shipments was 52,642 in April 2012, down 8.1 percent from the rate of 57,268 in March 2012. The SAAR corrects for normal seasonal variations in shipments and projects annual shipments based on the current monthly total.
A total of 7,124 floors were shipped in the month, an increase of 16.1 percent over April 2011. The number of plants reporting production in April was 123, one up from the number in March, and the number of corporations was 45, one down from the number in the prior month.
Click here to access the April 2012 report.
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